Fire Puncher

Fire Vodka

Fire Puncher Vodka hits first with a bell pepper sweetness and finishes with a smooth, smoky heat. Local chipotle peppers are added to the final distillation run which allows us to extract the whole pepper flavor, not just the spice. Hickory smoke is then bubbled through the spirit just before it’s bottled. Whether blended with citrus or kept spirit forward, the subtle warmth of the spirit will add depth of flavor to any drink.

The Legend of Tommy Maguire

On a cold night in January 1887, flames erupted from the iron foundry on Dorchester Avenue in South Boston, spewing smoke over the South Bay. Before the firemen could get to the blaze, Tommy Maguire raised a ladder and climbed to the roof where he “undertook to fight the flames with his fists.” The fire eventually subsided but the legend of Tommy Maguire lives on.

In honor of his heroics, we declare January 24th to be Firepuncher day. Celebrate with a shot of heat and smoke.